Great and Mighty God – Ayo Vincent

After a brief hiatus in time, the delectable Ayo Vincent drops a new single – Great and Mighty God. This inspiring worship song, which she recorded in her local dialect, Yoruba and in English is sure to take you to new heights of worship to our God. Get ready for you haven’t heard anything like this.

Download Song Here

The Inspiration Behind the song:
On my way home from a dress rehearsal, thoughts of Jesus filled my mind, 
He is the word of God made flesh, He doesn’t just give life, He is life himself, everything in this world was created by him. Then I heard the word “great” but it wasn’t enough to  describe Jesus the “Christ” 1st begotten of the dead and 1 st born of the Most High. The truth is no word created by man can describe His Majesty. The word “great” can only scratch the surface, for He is God. The “Great and mighty God”

Song written by: Simeon Inyang


Oba awon ‘ ba
Kabiosi o
Oba awon ‘ba
We lift your name on high

You are the greatest you are the great and mighty God
You are the greatest, we lift your name  on high

Great, Great and Mighty God
Great, Great and mighty God


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